People’s Power
First State Conference
Day 20-3-2022 Sunday virudhachalam

Conference :

  1. The neo-liberal policies of privatization, liberalization and globalization are re-colonizing our country, turning it into a hunting ground for superpowers that includes United States. After Modi – Amit Shah combo came to power in India, the country’s natural resources, public sector enterprises, people’s labor and savings have all been plundered by corporate bosses, especially the Gujarati baniya – brahmans – parsi complex. As a result, the Indian economy has collapsed and India has become one of the most volatile countries in the world. Farmers are becoming more and more debt-ridden. The Youth are facing an unprecedented level of unemployment. Millions of small businesses have been destroyed. The RSS and sangh parivar Hindu extremist groups are in support of such corporate robbery to turn the country into a turmoil. They distract people from their treasonous, anti-people acts by propagating false threat to the nation, extremism, border disputes, etc. Intellectuals, journalists, lawyers and others who expose these anti-people activities and fight for the rights of the people are being branded as extremists under the name of Urban Naxals, arrested and tortured by draconian laws like UAPA, NIA for years without trial. The Conference calls on the people to work together to defeat the underlying basis of Corporate-Saffron Fascism.
  2. The RSS and the sangh parivar gangs have been carrying out various hate campaigns against Islam, Christianity and Dalits including “love jihad,” proselytes, hijab ban, beef-ban and continue to carry out their brutal mob violence. As like, patriarchal, consumerism is rampant and children and older women are subjected to sexual violence. These are absolutely based on the Hindu bigotry politics stemming from their Manudharma. Such trends are also on the rise in Tamilnadu. Therefore, the Conference calls on the people of Tamilnadu and All the democratic forces to unite and fight to defeat this saffron fascist gangs.
  3. The people of Tamilnadu should not fall prey to the manoeuvering campaign of the RSS sangh parivar gangs demanding the recovery of temple property from the government. Government should cancel all the lease arrears of small farmers who have been cultivating the land owned by temples, mosques, churches, and monasteries. The Conference urges the government to let the poor own the land of these religious firms on which they thrive for years.
  4. The special rights granted to the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 should be restored. The repression on the people of Kashmir must stop immediately. The Conference calls for recognizing the right to self-determination along with the right to secession of all nationalities in India which is a prison house of nationalities.
  5. The conference congratulates the farmers who had been unitedly fought for more than a year to force Union government to repeal the Three New Agricultural laws against the peasanty and  people of the country. The Conference calls for a firm fight against the Corporate-Saffron Fascist state to meet farmers’ demands including legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP), compensation for farmers who lost their lives in the struggle, withdrawal of all cases and punish the Union minister by arresting him for the massacre of farmers in Lakhimpur.
  6. The Conference calls the people of Tamilnadu to fight for the abolition of the unscientific, anti- multi national , single education program “the new education policy” for the whole of Indian Union, which has a diverse national races, language and culture and for the abolition of NEET – like admissions systems including, which deprives rural poor students of their right to higher education, and for the complete transfer of education to the state list.
  7. The Conference calls for a monthly maintenance allowance for graduates to live decently until they get a job, while at the same time ensuring eight-hour work and equal pay for equal work regardless of gender in workplaces.
  8. Appropriate action should be taken to provide adequate credit facilities and tax incentives to small businesses which are providing large number of employment opportunities in the country and to protect the employment of all sectors such as weavers and fishermen. In particular, the GST levied on cotton yarn should be abolished. The Conference also calls on the people to work together for a complete ban on fishing by foreign vessels in Indian waters that endangers the fishing industry.
  9. The Conference calls for the repeal of proposed anti-worker labor laws that would deprive millions of workers off their rights and turn them into slaves of corporate employers. The Conference calls the people of Tamilnadu to take part in the All India Strike to be held on March 28 and 29 in Solidarity.
  10. The Modi government has been indulging in extraction loots such as indiscriminate plundering of the country’s mineral resources by corporate bosses, the indiscriminate eviction of indigenous people who protect and depend on forests from time immemorial. It brand them as extremists and let loose the terror on them. The Conference strongly condemns the Corporate-Saffron Fascist state for engaging in such anti-people activities.
  11. The ongoing war in Ukraine must be stopped immediately. The NATO organization and other military alliances, which were created to militarise blocks of Territories to get contol of the world forcing the countries into New Slavery, must be disbanded. The World Trade Organization, which has unequal rules created to exploit and plunder developing and poor countries must be disbanded. The Conference calls on the world proletariat and the progressive democratic forces to unite and fight to overthrow the imperialists responsible for this.
  12. The Karnataka High Court has upheld the ban imposed by the Karnataka government on students wearing hijab in schools and colleges. This ruling is against the freedom of the individual and the freedom of religious and individual enshrined in the present Constitution. Across India, BJP governments have stepped in to destroy the identities of Islamic minorities and their religious rights. There is a growing tendency for the courts to support such actions. The Conference calls on all people to fight against this and to protect secularism from the impending danger.
  13. The conference urges the government to take immediate action against the Dikshit Priests who prevented devotees from standing and worshiping and singing in Tamil as usual at the Chidambara Nataraja Temple Chitrambala (small raised stage) and to immediately implement the G.O. for specific rights to pray in Tamil. The Conference also demands proper judicial inquiry be held into the financial misconduct of the Dikshits, illegal constructions, untouchability offenses and sale of temple property, and that the temple be brought under the control of the Hindu Temple Department immediately. The Conference calls for the restoration of the statue of Nandanar, one of the 63 Nayanmars (Saints), which was removed by the Dikshitars due to untouchability, and the removal of the untouchable wall erected by the Dikshitars by sealing the wall at the southern gate where Nandanar entered the temple.
  14. At present many temples in Tamilnadu are run by Dalits and women. To undo this social justice, Tamil worship, and the right of all caste priests, the RSS and sangh parivar organizations campaign to abolish the Hindu Temples Act which is the basis for these changes. Their malicious campaign “to hand over Hindu temples to Hindus” is to convert temples as power centers to establish Hindu supremacy. Therefore, the Conference calls on the people of Tamilnadu to fight to stop this menace.
  15. The victory of the fascist BJP in the last five state elections is an example of the fact of the fact about the fatal ritual of toeing the line of “Hindutva sanatan forces” to unseat  the Corporate-Saffron fascists out of power. To counterattack Hindutva sanadhan forces, the Conference urges all democratic organizations and parties to strongly uphold the vibrant Tamil tradition such as anti-brahminism, rationalism, progressive thinking, anti-superstitions, Affection towards our own mother tongue, social justice, equality, etc. and to take them across the country.
  16. Corporate-saffron fascism is a combination of the saffron fascist policy of the fascist RSS-BJP trying to transform India into an Aryan- Brahmanic vision racial empire, and the corporate interest of plundering the country both foreign and native varieties. This Corporate-Saffron fascism is the cause of all the tragedies the people of the nation do face all these years. This cannot be defeated by a single organization alone. Therefore, the Conference pledges to immediately build an anti-fascist democratic united front that unites revolutionary organizations, democratic forces, political parties and individuals with the single motive of overthrowing these Corporate-Saffron fascist forces from the ruling power.

Conference Committee
People’s Power

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