People of Tamilnadu,
Rise up against
The temples including CHIDAMBARAM Nataraja

We demand:

  • Appoint priests from all castes!
  • Put an end to the temple untouchabilities!
  • Seize Chidambaram Nataraja Temple from the dhikshidars.
  • Establish the right to sing and pray in Thamizh!

People’s Power
First state Conference

26.03.2022, Saturday Evening 5.30.
Thillai Nagar 80 feet road, Trichy

Call of the Conference:

  • In CHIDHAMBARAM NATARAJA Temple, people used to enter a raised near Sanctum Sanctorum to sing and pray the God. Although there was a hard-won Supreme court order to do so, the present priests (also called dhikshidhars) still object and obstruct people. The Tamilnadu Govt should direct the Cuddalore District collectorate to implement that order. Govt should also conduct a thorough legal enquiry into the theft of temple treasury by dhikshithars, illegal structures raised by them, leasing of temple area for private functions, criminal untouchable practices, and sale of temple properties etc. We urge the Govt should bring the temple under “Hindu Religions Endowment Board” without any further delay. Dhikshithars removed “Saint Nandanar’s statue” who was worshipped as one among 63 saints (also known as Naayanmars), who was stopped entry into the temple through South gate and burnt alive. Later, the gate was closed by raising a cement wall by the them. This is blatant untouchability. We urge the Govt should remove the wall and get Nandanar statue restored on the basement seat.
  • In recent times, Dalits, women included are taking part in temple establishments in Tamilnadu. Similar to this, Tamil prayer in the temples, right to priesthood for all caste denominations are legally demanded and have been implemented by Hindu Religions Endowment Board of Tamilnadu Govt. To destroy this, RSS sangh parivar outfits are criminally planning to make the Tamilnadu temples into their power centres and push their slogan “entrust all Hindu temples to Hindus.” Hence, the Tamil people should wage struggle to stop this great danger.
  • The RSS and sangh parivar outfits have been carrying out various hate campaigns against the Islamic, Christian, and Dalit population such as Love Jihad, Prohibition of Beef, and has continued to carry out horrific mob violence. Similarly, patriarchal consumerism is rampant and children and older women are subjected to sexual violence which is based on the politics of Hindu religious bigotry and sectarianism by the Hindu sanadhan dharma. Such tendencies are emerging in Tamilnadu, so the people and the democratic forces of Tamilnadu must unite and fight to stop this Corporate-Saffron fascism!

People’s Power
Tamilnadu- Puducherry, Contact: 9597138959



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