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Press Release
Call for Siege Protest!
Chennai – BJP office
30-03-2023, Thursday

Rahul Gandhi has been sentenced to two years in jail for opposing Prime Minister Modi’s friend Corporate Con Adani!
Within 24 hours, his MP post has been snatched away!

After CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Election Commission, NIA, UAPA,
Modi government’s another weapon is disqualifying the MPs!
Fascism strengthens, No time to wait! Let’s hit it’s root!

All the opposition parties including the Congress are fighting inside and outside the Parliament for a parliamentary joint committee enquiry into the Hindenburg report which exposed the frauds of the Adani company. Prime Minister Modi did not respond in parliament to the accusations against his friend Adani, who has been giving full support to Modi’s victories since the 2014 elections. On the other hand, the ruling BJP has blocked the Parliament.

PM Modi’s role in transforming Gujarat’s Adani from an inland corporate to a global rich man is inseparable. All the Union Government Institutions have been working day and night like lapdogs for Adani. The world knows this fact.
Rahul Gandhi showed the photo of Adani and Modi being together and asked Modi what is the relationship between Prime Minister Modi and Adani. The answer to that is the removal of Rahul Gandhi’s MP post.

When questioned in the parliament, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman denied disclosing the details of loans given to Adani by Indian banks. The money in the bank belongs to the people of this country, but even the members of the parliament cannot know where it is siphoned off or to whom got disbursed; It exposes that the country is not run by the democratic government but by a handful of Corporate houses especially people like Adani. Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as an MP since proved only this.

The Surat Court has sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years imprisonment on 23-3-2023 in the criminal defamation case filed by the former minister of Gujarat and now a member of the legislative assembly, BJP leader Mr. Purnesh Modi in 2019. It has stayed its verdict giving a month’s time to file an appeal. If an appeal is filed, this judgment will be at stay immediately. But the fascists, RSS and Modi are in a rush to take revenge and immediately after the Surat Court’s verdict, the Union Government of India announced that Rahul Gandhi’s post of MP was revoked within 24 hours.

Many similar defamation cases have been filed across India against many political party leaders, MPs, and MLAs which are still pending in lower courts. It is not possible to say how many more MPs, MLAs will lose their posts, but we should not let it be continued.

In 2019, while campaigning for the Karnataka Kolar constituency, Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP government and said, “How the name Modi is associated with all thieves.” For example, Rahul Gandhi criticized Nirav Modi, the absconding diamond merchant, Lalit Modi, who was involved in the IPL cricket scam, and Narendra Modi, who was exposed in the Rafale scandal. Tens of millions of Indian population are discussing and debating about this issue everyday; It is Freedom of expression in democracy; but Modi fascism don’t allow this to happen.
Rahul Gandhi spoke in Karnataka four years ago whose house is in Delhi, but Purnesh Modi, BJP Mla filed a defamation case as an affected party, a victim; he hails from Surat, Gujarat. From this, the conspiracy of the RSS is getting exposed.

Those who do not believe that Lord Ganapathy underwent plastic surgery, cow dung contains nuclear radiation and cow dung has medicinal properties may check their rational thinking after seeing the achievement of the Modi government which has turned Adani from an inland corporate to a global rich man. Adani’s development is the development of the nation and who don’t subscribe to it must face CBI raids, removal of MP posts, and imprisonment under UAPA Act. Henceforth we define this illegal, anti-democratic means and system as the manifestation of Corporate-Saffron Fascism.

If this is the case with popular opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, one can imagine how far it will go if it is the case on ordinary farmer or on ordinary worker. To defeat the menace of the Corporate-Saffron fascism by the RSS-Modi gang, which has put the final nail in the coffin of democracy, all opposition parties and movements must come together and destabilize the Modi government by conducting a series of protests, like our citizens of the land did against British Raj. This is the only choice before us. Let us understand, unite, and fight against RSS-BJP’s fascist activities and throw out these fascists from the country.

seeking your solidarity one and all

Advocate S. Raju
General Secretary
94432 60164
Peoples Power
Tamil Nadu- Puducherry



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