“Do your duty, don’t expect results” says the Bhagavad Gita; “Pay your labour, Ask no rights” orders  the recolonizing Corporate Manudharma. Globalisation marginalizes the rural laborers, the peasants as disenfranchised. Brahminism happily endorses this. Modi is not only the face of Manudharma, but a virulently grafted political mask of the Corporate-Saffron Fascism!

Dear farmers and Democratic forces!

During the Corona crisis, the World experienced a drop in production and stagnation in employment, but in India, agriculture is the only sector that provided the highest production and employment during that time. Despite the increase in the prices of agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and antibiotics, the increase in the wages of agricultural labourers, the impact of ongoing natural calamities and the fluctuations in market prices, our farmers have increased their production by toiling under the sun. Through this, they have made India a country with no shortage of food and also they have increased the agricultural exports by 18 percent.

By sacrificing not only the country’s natural resources, minerals but also arable land for the benefit of the corporates, Modi is proving to be a more loyal servant than the Congress. Despite Indian farmers rallying against these laws, he has passed many fascist laws that take away the rights of farmers like Three Anti-Agriculture Acts (One Country – One Free Market), Electricity Amendment Act 2020 (One Country – One Electricity Act) One country! One Fertilizer Project!, Dam Protection Act, River Water Sharing Act, Model Land Tenancy Act through a ‘majority’ voice vote in Parliament. All these laws destroy self-reliance in agriculture and bring in foreign investment and completely destroy the life of the farmers.

The Modi government is working with a frenzy to implement hydrocarbon, methane projects, Gail pipelines and coal mines, and neutrino projects that are burning up the delta districts of Tamil Nadu. Modi government’s sole policy and aim is the welfare of the corporates, but not of the farmers. That is why his government defames and brands the farmers and common people who oppose its subversive schemes as anti-development, terrorists, traitors, naxalites and oppresses them brutally.

Green revolution – the death knell for agricultural self-sufficiency!

After 1947, nominal self-reliance policies were in force in Indian agriculture. However, in the 1960s, the ‘Green Revolution’ programme was brought in during Indira Gandhi’s regime saying that the aim was to meet out the demand of the food grains of the people and stop reaching out to foreign countries for food and make them stand on their own feet. But the Green Revolution programme on the one hand abolished our traditional agriculture and domestic crops which were already in practice, and on the other hand, high-yielding hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides have depleted the soil and drained the groundwater. It also pushed the hardworking farmers into the debt pit and the farmers’ lives started to hang in the balance.

Even today we are enjoying the evil fruits of the treacherous plan in the name of Green Revolution. This Green Revolution programme is the reason why agriculture has become a subsistence industry, deterioration of agriculture due to credit crisis, farmers have become slaves and run away from the land they valued more than their lives. As a result of this Green Revolution programme, Indian agriculture gradually began to lose its nominal self-reliance.

Abandon the Green Revolution! Give way to corporates!

Another conspiracy was hatched for the “corporate flies” to suck out farmer’s blood whose lives were already ruined by the Green Revolution. That was the introduction of subversive recolonization policy of privatization, liberalisation, and globalization in India in 1991. It was introduced by Congress led by Narasimha Rao with the explanation of a “wonderful plan to make India, which is in famine, as prosperous as America”.

In 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) adopted the “GATT Agreement” to wide open the doors for the corporates to take over agriculture. By this GATT agreement, WTO started threatening and ordering to “Cancel all subsidies and credit programs!,” “Ban food production!”, “Increase agriculture for export”, “Cancel free electricity!,” “Privatise lakes and ponds!”, “Allow Corporate companies to freely buy arable land within the country and do farming!”, “Abolish the Land Ceiling Act to facilitate this!.”

In this situation, the Congress party vacillated without fully implementing these neo-liberal policies to recolonise the country. The Manmohan Singh-led Congress government stood still fearing that it would bankrupt its vote bank from the people of India. When the Congress failed to implement recolonising policies swiftly, Manmohan Singh was vilified by corporates as a “passive slave” who refused to do his bidding. They lashed out and threw him out of the prime minister chair calling him an “Underachiever, a non-functional PM”. Then they have replaced fascist Modi as the Prime Minister.

The saffron-fascist BJP, brought in to replace Congress, has for almost a century had its class base on the upper castes of the landed gentry like the aadheenams, mutts, old kings, and jamidhaars. It is a fascist party that is servile to US imperialism based on its ideology of brahminical supremacy. Not only that, BJP is a party of corporate loyalty that operates with the fascist RSS’ concept of Hindu, Hindi, India and Akand Bharat as its political guiding principle.

The saffron-fascist BJP has been chosen by a few advanced elites in corporates as their trusted ally. These are the transnational Gujarati banias like Adani and Ambani who have the dream of Akand Bharat as their ambition. All they want is to install a single-party saffron fascist dictatorship in the new parliament and make fascist Modi as the permanent prime minister to pay a “scepter rule” and make him slave for their monopoly loot and the dream of Akand Bharat. It is a virulent embryonic fascism that combines the upper caste interests of the brahminical elite with the class interests of the corporate elite.

Modi has declared himself to be the ‘principal servant’ of the ruling clique who faithfully enforce the hegemony of the American unipolar superpower. At the beck and call of the American masters, he is murderously oppressing the vast majority of the peasantry and the vast working people of this country with brutal fascist laws. His fascist fanaticism snatches away all the legal and democratic rights that have been fought for and lays the groundwork at the feet of the transnational corporations.

Modi came to power in 2014 with the slogan “I will double the income of the farmers in five years”, but he has proved that he is a loyal man of the corporates by giving over Rs 30 lakh crore tax cuts to corporates in almost the last ten years. On the other hand, he has arranged for the corporates to snatch away the loincloth of the farmers through fascist laws. Through this, Modi has identified himself as the “enemy by birth” of the farmers. The old rulers tried to turn India into “as prosperous as” America, but Modi has made India a loyal stooge of the US.

Win Farmer’s Rights! Bring down saffron fascism!

We must win the rights of the farmers who are the backbone of our country. For that, we, farmers must realise the fact that the main enemy of this nation, the saffron fascist BJP, must be overthrown from the political arena immediately. Because we need to realise that the destruction of agriculture is the destruction of society and take action against it. This political conference is an arrangement for you to become the ‘seed’ of this change!

Agriculture is the identity of our country, it is the major occupation of the country and our livelihood. So our right to life is our right on land and we have the right to gain political power.

Farmers! We must start our struggle for democracy immediately. In every village, Farmers’ Committees should be established and should be chanted “all the power to the Farmers’ Committee!.” For that, through this political conference, we call upon the farmers to join the Farmers’ Liberation Front.

In order to make the slogan of “Win the farmer’s right! Down with saffron fascism!” a reality, we, as farmers will build an Anti-Fascist Democratic People’s Front from the base together with workers, students, youth, petty capitalists, intellectuals, and national capitalists. Let us become empowered! In this stage, let us stand in support and be defense bulwark of the Democratic Confederation established by the Anti-Fascist Democratic United Front from above!

Let’s hold free elections for the new Constituent Assembly through our strong power from below! Let’s tear down the laws that sustain Corporate-Saffron Fascism! Let’s implement the democratic laws that we need and the people of the country need!

Let’s call out that agricultural revolution of the farmers is the New Democratic Revolution! We will first establish a Democratic Federation in the direction of the New Democratic Revolution. Let’s win farmers’ rights! Let’s take down saffron fascism!

Let’s gather for the conference! Let’s contribute for the conference!

Union Government!, withdraw Electricity Amendment Act 2020 immediately. Repeal anti-farmer fascist laws!

Government of Tamil Nadu!, withdraw Land Consolidation Act 2023 which helps corporates to grab land!

Farmers!, We will build Farmers’ Committees in every village! Let’s chant all power belongs to the Farmers’ Committee!


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